Carroll County Board of Education

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By The Staff

Voters will choose one candidate for each division;

all candidates are running unopposed.

Tommy Unker, 54

Educational Division 1

Employed at Kentucky Utilities Ghent Plant

Lifelong Carroll County resident

Appointed and later elected in 2004 for a full term; chairman from 2007-08; vice chairman, 2006-07

“We still have several projects that we have on the table that he would  “like to see those through,” including increased progress scores and student achievement.

The board has been involved with many projects since Unker joined, but he believes most important are the strides in student achievement and academics.

“Four years of experience and many hours of Kentucky State Board school board training” is why Unker believes he is the best candidate for the board.

Mona Kindoll, 47

Educational Division 2

Administrative assistant, Human Resources, Arkema

Lifelong Carroll County resident

Elected to the board in 2005; has served as vice chairperson since January 2007

Kindoll said she believes the board has made progress during her time on the board, but she still has “some things I would like to see through.”

There are several items Kindoll was involved in that she sees as large contributions. One of those included the hiring of the new superintendent.

She describes the hiring as a “good thing,” and said she expects Lisa James to “take us to the next level.”

One of the other contributions Kindoll said was the training center purchase, which she believes is good for the county. She said she believes she is a great candidate for the position because she “wants to do the best for Carroll County.”

Jennifer Beach, 38

Educational Division 3

Stay-at-home mom

Carroll County resident for 19 years

Elected to the board in 2007

 Beach said she still has “a perspective that could help Carroll County,” and that is why she has chosen to seek re-election. She believes her most significant contribution she has made was her participation in hiring Superintendent Lisa James this year.

“I feel like my best qualification is an outsider prospective,” she said. She did not graduate from Carroll County, which means she sometimes sees things “differently than people who have.”

Beach was elected last year to fill a vacancy on the board after David Searcy resigned.

Mary Ann Pearson, 65

Educational Division 5

Retired beautician and para-educator

Carroll County resident for 44 years.

Appointed to the board in January; if elected, will finish a term that ends in December 2010.

Running for re-election for school board representative for Educational Division 5 is Mary Ann Pearson. Division 5 includes precinct 5 and precinct 6. Pearson has lived in Carroll County 44 of her 65 years. She has had two occupations, Beautician, and Para-educator for Carroll County, and has since retired from them both.

“I find my position is quite interesting,” Pearson said.

When she was appointed this year, she said she thought she knew all there was to know about the district, after having been an employee.

She said that attitude changed after she joined the board.

Pearson said she hasn’t been on the board long, but believes her greatest contribution so far was to help hire Superintendent Lisa James, whom she describes as an “extraordinary powerhouse.”

She believes she is the best candidate because she “did work for the school system for so long. Teachers feel like they can talk to me.