A candidate worth your vote

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Letters to the Editor


What do you look for in a candidate for a public office? I look for a variety of things.

I want a candidate who will choose honesty and moral uprightness despite pressure to do otherwise. I want to vote for someone who does not seek to gratify selfish desires or agendas. They put themselves second, and put others first. They abide by the “Golden Rule.” I look for someone who is generous with their time and efforts. A good candidate chooses to serve the people. Therefore, they must know the people who elect them, something that can only be accomplished through time and conversation.

 I found such a candidate in June, 2002. I married him one year later because I knew he was a good man, and I seized the opportunity to spend my life with him.

He is a man who has always impressed me with his honesty and integrity. He has a generous nature and actively seeks opportunities to serve others.

His humble spirit continues to amaze me every day I spend next to him. He jumps at the chance to help someone in need, to pull them out of a ditch or to help them get back on their feet. He is a candidate that will make this county proud, as proud as I am of him.

He is a candidate worth your vote. Please elect my husband, John C. Edwards, as your next Trimble County Circuit Clerk.

Thank you,

Hannah Edwards