Bullying: A student’s perspective

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Trimble County Middle School

Who’s the victim?

With the simple question that is stated above, I’m sure your mind flashed to the small kid that gets kicked around. That’s the stereotype. But life is complex with all the power that is getting handed around and stolen. So, before all of us start pointing fingers at who is making all of the victims, what really makes a person a victim? Typically, it’s someone who’s been   hurt—emotionally or physically—by someone else. Or it’s a person that is being tormented by other people and is hated for unknown, irrational   reasons. Victims are not something to joke about and neither is the concept   of bullying. Bullying has harsh effects on both the victim and the bully.   Keep that in mind when you see a so-called victim throwing words around that aren’t so nice, or a bully crying because he’s being punished. Reactions   are different, but the consequences of the community are still the same.

What’s a Bully?

Our minds are damaged by all of the media that portrays bullies as big tough   people and when the littler kids say something rude or hurtful it’s a way of coping because they get hurt. We think of bullies as the big guys who are   abusive. While that’s all too true, there are other forms of bullying and   when a smaller kid acts out in violence or harshness, that’s bullying. Stereotyping, excluding, laughing at, abusing, cyber, and talking about   someone negatively are all forms of bullying. So, imagine your own school   system. Who hasn’t been guilty of committing a minority of any of these   forms? Bullies are being knocked down everywhere, but only some types are   being recognized. Bullies are proven to be people that have been hurt, and   they have a bad way of dealing with what’s happened. So, bullies are really   a form of victims. So why are there so many programs, flyers, posters and   television shows about how to avoid or tell on a bully when really there   should be more programs about how to help the victims deal with problems? We need to start eliminating the problem before it’s formed. We need to cope instead of destroy.

Paying it backwards

Life is a very complex and changing thing. It gets very confusing and hard.   Why? Because you are going to get knocked down; someone is going to push you over and smile in satisfaction. The bullying population is steadily   increasing because when that one person starts to knock somebody down that person never stands up. They sit and they feel sorry for themselves and   refuse to, as scientifically proven, deal with their own problems. They push   them onto someone else, and this action is called paying it backwards. When somebody knocks you down, like they will, because it does, in fact, happen to everyone, they push three more in a return. Society is on a downward spiral. There are no heroes in our generation, because nobody is standing up. In the overtaking drive to the top we’re massacring other people. This world will not continue to thrive and have success when everybody is throwing us three steps in the opposite direction. We need heroes. Who’s going to step up?

How to pay it forward

Stand up! Part of life will always be to get knocked down. There’s nothing   we can do about the structure of the human mind of our race. Everyone is   being bullied now. Everyone is pushing each other now. But we can stop it.   YOU can stop it. The way isn’t hard. It’s a skill you learned before you   knew what to do with it. You stand. When someone knocks you down, swing right back up. Don’t let them keep you on the ground when you can stand twenty feet high. Eventually we’ll have a vast number of people who got back up. That vast number will band together. And what happened when they band together? They never get knocked down. They can stand tall and strong and reach their dreams, but they can’t do it alone. Start the chain   reaction. Stand up and pull someone to their feet with you. That’s how you   pay it forward. Instead of knocking people down, pull them up!  When all you want is the finish line in this race, knocking people down is just messing up your finish time. YOU can change this bullying epidemic. Bullies are going to have some magical epiphanies when the people they’re knocking down are doing exactly what they want. You can make the change. You can be the hero we need. So, the decision is left with you – are you going to stand up against bullying?