Bedford Commission tackles sewer bills, awards Rumpke bid

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At the final 2012 meeting, members of the Bedford City Commission voted to more strongly enforce the city’s sewage service turn-off policy and accepted Rumpke’s 2013 trash pick-up bid.

Concerns over delinquent sewage service accounts were on the table. Commissioners reviewed how many Bedford residents’ current sewer bills are at least 30 days late. The number of late payments is up, and outstanding bills range from $20 to $60 for each customer.
Although Deputy City Clerk Rita Davis said some December payments are trickling in, this trend is common every month.

“Truth is, we’re not talking about a lot of money individually, but they all add up,” said Commissioner Todd Pollock. “The ones that get out of hand, we have to handle with current policy.”

The city’s sewer policy states customers must pay their bills in full by the 10th each month. If no payment or arrangement is made, the city is authorized to disconnect sewage service on the 20th.
Commissioners voted unanimously to step up collection efforts. Commissioner Frank Floyd was absent from the meeting.

Late-payment reminder letters will go out to customers in advance of more rigid enforcement of non-payment disconnections.

“This will remind late customers that you pay your bills, do what you’re supposed to do, just like everyone else,” explained Mayor Russell Clifton.

Commissioners also unanimously approved another year’s garbage service with Rumpke trash collection service. Jeremy Rumpke was on hand to discuss details of his company’s new bid, which was the only offer the city received for 2013 service.

Beginning January 1, Rumpke will charge $9.15 per unit for 232 garbage units within the city limits, totaling $2122.80 each month for Bedford. The new 2013 rate reflects a small price jump and a slight dip in units. In 2012, Rumpke serviced 274 Bedford units at $8.75 each.

Rumpke trucks will continue to remove large or bulky items for no additional charge. The bid also includes trash containers at three city-owned properties: Morgan Community Center, Bedford Cemetery and the city sewer station.

Mayor Clifton read the November 2012 financial report. Highlights included an over $12,000 gain in the city’s general account and a roughly $9,500 drop in the O&M account. The city’s LGEA account showed no activity, and the municipal road fund grew less than $1,000. As of the end of November, all city accounts totaled $481,995.60.

As part of the Bedford Cemetery report, Deputy City Clerk Davis discussed one family’s concerns over removal of gravesite items, including a temporary burial marker. On behalf of the City, Davis reached an agreement with the family in question.

At Bedford City Hall, residents may review complete Bedford Cemetery guidelines, including information on markers and monuments and maintenance responsibilities.