Bedford city officials planning Thanksgiving meal for community

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Last week my husband and I were sitting at home talking about the upcoming holidays. We thought how nice it would be to have a community Thanksgiving at the community center for everyone who either could not afford dinner or was alone and had no one to spend the day with.

On Monday I went in to work and wrote on my calendar on Tuesday, Nov. 22, “Community Thanksgiving.” I had not said anything to anyone about this.

Tuesday afternoon a gentleman came into the office with a letter for the mayor. I talked with the man and he told me about a dream his daughter had. After listening to him I told him I had just talked about this same thing with my husband. I did not know what the letter said; he had given it to me for the mayor.

Shortly after the man left, the City Clerk came in and I told her of the story. She read the letter out loud to me. It was the same thing I had spoken of earlier. The mayor came in and read the letter and he expressed that it would be a good thing to do.

I have enclosed the letter the man left with me. I would like for everyone in the community that would like to come to the center and eat on Nov. 22 to please call me and give me the number of people in your party and a phone number.

The cost would be free. All food and supplies will be donated. If any group or families would like to volunteer to help please let me know.

I hope that this can become an annual event. I know there are needy and lonely people in our community.

Please call me as soon as possible so we can start preparing for this blessed event.


Rita Davis
Morgan Community Center

EDITOR’S NOTE: The anonymous letter delivered to the mayor’s office follows.

To whom it may concern:

I don’t want to tell you my name because this needs to be anonymous. I had a thought the other day. Everyone in the community is always going on with their everyday business and not really taking the time to think of those who don’t have families or the means to sit down and have a good Thanksgiving dinner, not that it is anyone’s fault.

But what if we could have a community Thanksgiving? It’s where everyone in the community comes together and has one big Thanksgiving dinner on the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day. I know it would do some dealing to pull it off and it may be a long shot but I think if the community pulls together it can be done.

I have put some ideas in here to help with some suggestions. I think something like this could bring the community together and help those who are in need of help at the holidays. This could be really good for the community and maybe let everyone be a little more thankful for what they have.

Maybe if we as a community get this started more communities will follow. I hope you can at least give this some consideration. Thank you for your time and please give this some thought.

An anonymous thinker