Attitudes to accomplish your goals

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Independence is an attitude that many women have not had fostered in their environment. The people that make it in this world look around for the circumstance they want, and if they don’t find it, they create it. Most of one’s sense of struggle and anxiety stems from an overactive mind. It is critical to notice what is happening in your head before your thoughts build momentum and to replace old habits of reaction with new habits of perspective. This means that you think before you act and are no longer a slave to the opinions of others. If you can rise above the discouraging opinions of others, you are setting your own directives. The best way to counter negativity is to succeed. The attitude that helps one survive hard times is one of perseverance.

If you have patient and consistent forward motion you can respond to life with more ease.

 Taking it easy is not as simple as it sounds. When you care deeply about the outcome, it becomes such a strong single-minded focus that you can block other possibilities. If you take your goals too seriously, you will forget to have fun along the way. The purpose of life is not to get it all done, but to enjoy it along the way and to live a life filled with love. Live softer, more gracefully and life is more compatible. Perhaps you have heard an old saying that the pleasure is in the journey, not just in the destination. Enjoy the moment that each day offers along the way. Allow yourself downtime. We have become “human doings” instead of “human beings”. The beauty of doing nothing allows you to clear your mind and relax in the flow of creativity.

To get where you want to go, it is necessary to focus on solutions, rather than on problems. Take things one by one and live just one day at a time.

If you have an attitude of regret for past actions or one of fear of the future, you will become lost in the negative alternatives. Small steps build big gains. Congratulate yourself on your achievements and make peace with imperfection. This can be one of the hardest attitudes for the self-driven perfectionist. A 95% effort is so much less stress than 99% effort. Women are still living in the post era of the fight for equality. Proving oneself can be part of that other 4% of extra effort and thus be wasted.

If you hold the quality of tranquility foremost in your attitude toward your actions, things will begin to fit together in a unique way as the best outcome unfolds. If things haven’t turned out the way you expected, focus on the pastime of gratitude. Rather than thinking you had a bad day accept, “I had a character building day today”.

Make the trip you are on worth taking. The joy of living comes from within and the way you perceive the little things. Enjoy the beauty of the moment… the sunrise, the clouds, a child’s laughter.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Again, this may be harder for a women. It may be necessary to take rejection and avoid being discouraged by those who say no or turn down your ideas. You have to be personally responsible for your dream. No one will ever care more about your dream than you do. If you fall down so to speak, get up and try another approach. Listen and learn from your past actions. The joy of living is so personal and is dependent on finding meaning in life.

Service is one way to generate joy and a deeper
quality to your life. Compassion is a heartfelt emotion that delivers kindness to everyone we meet. If you find ways to serve people, and incorporate this into your goals and life dream, you will find a greater sense of accomplishment.

Tolerance is another way to build genuine relations with others in your personal life and in your community. This involves acceptance of people’s unique differences, beliefs and life choices. You may not choose these beliefs, but do not judge others for the opinions and priorities they have chosen.  Many people don’t even realize they are going through the process of choice with each thing, new acquaintance or thought they incorporate. They just drift along and then don’t like where life is taking them. Be a woman who has the attitudes that lead to positive actions. Be someone who introspects; make choices that will get you where you are choosing to go. If you don’t take charge of your attitudes and get in the driver’s seat in your own life, you will end up where the road you are on leads. Have an attitude that allows you to be the Mistress of your Fate.
Rev. Patrice Joy Masterson, MA is a Healthy Living Consultant. She offers personalized and group integrative programs at the Harmonizing Health Retreat in Bedford, KY. For more information call 937-631-5581 or go online to http://www.harmonizinghealthretreat.com.