Artists from two generations share styles

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By Sharon Graves

Two local artists from different generations – but with similar styles – are showing their works at the Carroll County Public Library this month.


Mike Anderson and Will Crase each have a showing that is modern, employs lots of color and represents things they say are important in their own lives.

Anderson, an employee at North American Stainless, is a 1988 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, where he earned  a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and graphic design.

Crase is a Carroll County High School senior who just received his letter of acceptance to the University of Louisville, where he plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, communications and graphic design.

Anderson’s work is acrylic on canvas or wood, and his show in the community room includes several different types of paintings.

“I see myself as a pop artist, and I paint images that have influenced my life,” Anderson said. His show contains several paintings that resemble baseball cards, featuring the likes of Babe Ruth and Ted Williams.

Anderson has a group of paintings that are “pop” in style and content, such as, a hamburger, a fish and a cartoon mouse. He also has a series of paintings with a deeply religious theme.

Anderson uses a lot of color and influences from artists including Andy Warhol, Edward Hopper and Jackson Pollack come through in his work.

Crase has a smaller show in the alcove of the community room that gives a representation of his drawing and computer skills.  His work is also modern and uses deep, rich colors. One difference is that he uses a scanner and a computer in his finished product.

He said he’s been drawing all his life, but began in the last year to scan his drawings into the computer and then add color using a computer program.

Crase said his inspiration comes from his family, music and video games.

He would like to work in advertising or band artwork once he graduates from U of L.

The show will be on display through the end of March.