Arrested folks deserve fair treatment in courts

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By The Staff


When does justice prevail? First, accusations are made. Knowing you have nothing to hide, you voluntary cooperate with the detective. The detective uses all kinds of scare tactics, lies, etc., to the point he or she has you scared to death.

Then he places you under arrest. They take you to jail and fingerprint you, take your mug shot and book you. Then you are put in a cell with no windows – only one way in and one way out.

All of this before you are even convicted. Next, you see pretrial where a bond is possibly set that is outrageous. Then within a week or so, you will go in front of a judge, where you will enter a plea. Then if you plead not guilty and can’t afford a lawyer, one is appointed.

Usually the public defender that you are appointed already has from two to 30 cases pending. They spend very little time investigating your case because they are overworked and underpaid.

Each week when they appear in court to defend a client, they are assigned more cases on top of what they already have. Now that makes a lot of sense.

Then here you are in jail where you are expected to pay for your toothpaste, stamps, envelopes, etc., and you already have no money. Then the jail charges $30 a day for being in there; knowing you can’t pay, the court would still rather you go broke.

What happened to innocence until proven guilty? What a joke. They throw you in jail, take away your rights and treat you like a dog. I wish the judge, police or jailer would spend one week in jail. And be treated in this manner.

I agree if you do the crime, do the time. But what I am telling you takes place before the inmate is even convicted.

An inmate is still a human being and should be treated so. Even after conviction, they are still human.

Then you have your court system. They lock you up in a different county. You don’t even go to court in our county. You have a circuit judge, commonwealth’s attorney, public defender – all elected by whom? YOU, the public of government.

So my question is, where is justice? What happened to innocence until proven guilty?

Paul S. Cox

Bedford, Ky.