Animals have feelings and shouldn’t be abused

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By The Staff


This story is about animal rights, and if you’re thinking why I wrote this story it’s because I hate seeing animals being abused like they are.

Have you ever seen an animal get abused like on TV?  It’s just the same in the real world also. Animals can’t talk, so they can’t tell you what they want.

And they can’t tell you if it hurts or if they don’t like something. So that’s why people abuse them like that.

They think its funny, but it isn’t. It’s just terrible, and why do they do it? Nobody knows. They probably do it for fun. I’ve seen that stuff on TV that shows animals get abused and it makes me want to cry.

If animals could speak for themselves, what do you think they would say and do you think anyone would listen? For once, put yourself in there paws or hooves, or whatever they use to get around, and think how you would feel if people where kicking you or abusing you.

I don’t think you would like it.

If you do abuse animals in front of people, you’re doing it just to show off. So I think its time to show the real somebody inside you and don’t abuse animals because you think it’s cool in front of your friends or family.

I love when people don’t abuse the animals and love on them, and I think everybody has that feeling inside them to love animals. So show that feeling and don’t abuse them.

Did you know animals suffer from a lot of stuff like feeling pain, fear, hunger, thirst and loneliness?

Also I think animals should have a right to be free from human cruelty. One time my grandma and my grandpa were coming home from Carrollton and they saw a dog on the side of the road, and they couldn’t get close to it. When they came home and told me, and I was sure I could get the dog.

So I went down there and got him. It was easy and we gave him a really good home. See, that’s a good heart. All animals deserve good homes, and if you have an animal that you no longer want, do not abuse it or just drop it.

You can take your pet to the Carroll County Animal Shelter, and they will be happy to take care of him or her.

Animals feel just as much as humans do, and should be taken very good care of.

Taylour Brown


(Editor’s note: Taylour is a fifth-grade student at Cartmell Elementary School. According to her mother, Kristi Brown, she was not assigned to write a letter to the editor. She did it on her own. We wish more people – of all ages – would write and tell us what they think about important issues.)