America turned its back on best friend

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By The Staff


The majority of Americans have turned their backs on the best friend and ally that we will ever have. We are not allowed to speak his name in the courts of America. We are not allowed to call on him for help in our schools. Many people want his name off our money and out of our Pledge of Allegiance.

Prayer can’t be spoken at graduations, etc. The Ten Commandments cannot be shown in our courthouses or even some places in our yards. yet we can murder innocent unborn babies, let child molesters go free. Every kind of filth is under protection in our courts.

Kids think Easter is about rabbits and eggs. Christmas has become a big commercial thing for stores to make a big profit. Thanksgiving has become a time of stuffing ourselves on turkey and dressing.

Everything in America has drifted away from our friend and ally. But when calamity comes, as it did on 9/11, the cry is, “God, please bless America.” But how can he bless us when we have not done anything to be blessed for?

Americans who love God and our savior, Jesus Christ, need to band our hearts in prayer for a mighty revival to sweep our land. He says in his word, if we will humble ourselves and pray he will hear us and heal our land.

We are afraid of North Korea, Iran and anyone who possesses an atomic bomb; but, yet, each day we trample underfoot the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Every time we ignore the things of God, we put Jesus back on that cross. God’s wrath is coming soon. Let’s join together and pray while we still can and while the Holy Spirit is still speaking to our hearts. Let’s win America back to God, then we can truly ask “God bless America.”

Paul Carter Bedford, Ky.