Alumni needed to plan centennial, scholarship events

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By Dave Taylor

I have the responsibility of serving as the presiding officer of the Alumni Association this year.

The Trimble County Alumni Association will meet at the Trimble County Public Library at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 30. The meeting is open to all persons interested in event planning for next year’s Alumni Banquet and the upcoming centennial of Trimble County High School.

The date of the annual banquet has on occasion coincided with the Trimble County High School prom, which caused the attendance for the event to be significantly reduced. The banquet has been the Alumni Association’s major means of raising funds for the organization’s annual scholarship given to a deserving TCHS graduating senior.

Next week’s meeting will provide an opportunity for open discussion concerning ideas to enhance the banquet experience and thereby encourage a larger attendance.

Attendance in recent years has been a far cry from the numbers that enjoyed earlier banquet experiences after teacher Cecil Fisher and the late TCHS guidance counselor Gail Ransdell inaugurated the event in 1965.

Shortly after former students of high schools in Milton and Bedford formed the alumni association a scholarship program was put in place to honor a deserving student from each graduating class to help pay the high cost of furthering their education in college. In most years since, a TCHS graduate has been the recipient of the Trimble County Alumni Scholarship although insufficient funds prevented the assistance of a deserving student in some lean years.

One dream that has often been expressed by Bob Stewart, one of my predecessors as alumni president, is that contributions to the scholarship fund be significant to permit awards from the interest on the investments instead of on the principal.

It is my dream and that of my immediate predecessors Scott Burrows and Stewart that one day, hopefully soon, the alumni group can reward more than one deserving TCHS graduate each year with financial assistance to further their education on a post-secondary level.

Former TCHS teacher Larry Morrow, Sr., recently started a TCHS alumni group on Facebook. One of the ideas he has suggested as a possible fundraiser for the alumni association is a plan to digitally copy all available past yearbooks from TCHS and Milton High School and make them available on discs as a fundraising effort to boost the scholarship fund.

If implemented, alumni would be able to purchase a disc containing the yearbooks of their four years of high school for one price, yearbooks of a complete decade for another price, or the collection of all available yearbooks in the collection for yet another price. Equipment on which to perform this service and volunteers to handle the task will also be topics of discusion next week.

The 2011-12 school year will mark the centennial of Trimble County High School. The alumni will be encouraged to develop ideas for celebrating the milestone and tie-in those plans with current faculty members to provide a different theme each month during the school term. Oral histories of past graduates could give today’s students a glimpse into what the high school experience was like for previous generations as well as preserving those experiences for future generations of researchers.

Many of you have expressed an interest in helping with these efforts. I am looking forward to all of your ideas and covet your assistance over the next several months.