Adkins supporter views 4th Congressional race

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The decision you make on who will represent us from the 4th Congressional District is very, very important. Bill Adkins is for 100 percent of the 4th and Kentucky. His opponent, Thomas Massie, is for special interest throughout the U.S. and ignoring you and me.

I have checked both web sites. Bill Adkins’ top priorities listed are to fight for jobs, seniors, the middle class and veterans. Thomas Massie wants to cut everything (even funding for libraries) and says nothing about seniors, the middle class or veterans.

Bill Adkins will keep Social Security and not privatize it. That would be the beginning of the end of Social Security.

Bill Adkins will not vote to do away with Medicare. The Republicans want to give seniors vouchers to pay for their medical expenses. If your vouchers do not cover your expenses, you will have to pay the difference.

Bill Adkins is for treating women fairly—equal pay for equal work and getting politicians out of women’s reproductive health care issues.

Bill Adkins wants everyone to have access to affordable health care. Thomas Massie wants to eliminate it. If you study the Affordable Care Act (www.healthcare.gov), you will find it is a good thing. All should be able to go to a doctor or hospital without having to worry about how they will pay for it and you cannot be refused for pre-existing conditions.

Thomas Massie wants to do away with government “interference.” Some say that is a good thing but be careful what you wish for. We all want clean air, clean water and safety. Someone has to oversee this or none of it would happen. He wants to do away with regulations on food processors. We have enough trouble with hamburger, cantaloupes, peanut butter, etc. being contaminated now. How clean do you think the rest of our food products would be if no one was watching?

Thomas Massie was only on his elected job 17 months when he quit because he could not handle his job and run for office. Bill Adkins has been doing both.

The reason I am pointing these differences out is Thomas Massie has refused to debate Bill Adkins. Mr. Adkins sent a letter to his opponent inviting him to participate in a series of debates throughout the 4th. This letter was returned unopened with “Refused” written on it. Will Massie, if elected, send our letters back because we ask him to vote a different way than he wants? We need someone interested in us. I believe that’s Bill Adkins.

Linda Humphress

Simpsonville, Ky.