4-H members learn good cleansing habits

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By Shelby Wilcoxson

Today in 4-H we talked about people getting sick and ways to keep from getting sick.  One way to keep from getting sick is to wash your hands.  You sneeze on yourself then you start touching things and spreading germs.  

The first step in washing your hands is to get warm water and apply soap.  When you get cold water your pores shrink and trap the dirt and germs.  When you use warm water the pores on your skin expands.  This allows you to get the dirt and germs out.  

Next, scrub your hands for at least 15-20 seconds.  Wash under your finger nails, palms, back of your hands, and between your fingers.  

Next, rinse your hands in warm water.  

Next, dry with a clean paper towel or hot air dryer.  

We put a special lotion on our hands called “Glow-Germ”, and went to wash our hands in the bathroom.  We were told to wash our hands like we normally do before eating.  When we came back we put our hands under a black light to see how much germ we didn’t get off.  Also, germ-X is a good substitute for when you can’t get access to soap and water.  But you have to wait 5 minutes after using germ-X before eating to allow it to dry.

Shelby Wilcoxson is Mrs. Tereshko’s 4-H Club Reporter and a fourth grade student at Bedford Elementary School.