4-H high adventure program

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The 4-H high adventure program in Trimble County, the first of its kind for Kentucky 4-Hers, offers an exciting opportunity for youths who are interested in hiking, backpacking and survival in the woods. The newly launched program is a series of educational classes, ranging from day hikes to a five-day, out-of-state hike, culminating in the “Extreme Trip,” a three-day hiking trip with the “bear” essentials, during which campers will have to build their own shelters. Two online educational sessions and a face-to-face session precede the hiking trips to teach youths different aspects of outdoor activities including safety.

The high adventure program imparts different and important lessons to youths about enjoying the environment safely before and while they are actually outside on the trails. The program, whose leader is an outdoors expert with training from the National Outdoor Leadership School and Wilderness Medicine Institute, follows the national 4-H outdoor adventures curriculum.

The high adventure program has three levels:

•Hiking trails

•Camping adventures

•Backpacking expeditions

Class size is limited to the first 18 participants, with an enrollment deadline of August 22. Male and female chaperones will accompany each group. Volunteers with medical training will accompany the group. Participants must provide food and proper clothing. Costs will vary for different trips. The destination for the five-day trip has not been determined.

For more information, contact the Trimble County Cooperative Extension Service at (02) 255-7188.
Ralph Hance is Trimble County’s Cooperative Extension agent for 4-H and youth development.