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By Sharon Graves


The News-Democrat

Endurance is the name of the game in cross country, and D’Anthony Collins proved he is a champion in that category running 3.1 miles in under 20 minutes.

Collins completed that feat after attending football practice for three hours that same afternoon.

Only runners from cross-country powerhouses Walton Verona and Trimble County crossed the finish line ahead of Collins.

The boys and girls teams each finished fourth out of the eight teams entered in each division.

“A win will not be easy to come by on the boys side, but we are working hard,” CCHS Coach Jay Jones said. “On the girls side, Walton Verona and Trimble County are really tough; but if we run well and keep improving, I think we can compete with the rest of the field.

“Cross country is a different animal; you never know how athletes developed over the course of a season,” Jones continued. “I am pleased with our progress, and I understand we still have a long journey in front of us.”


Carroll County

High School

Girls 5K: Andrea Hardesty, 22, 27:04.1, Brittany Arvin, 25, 28:16.7, Nikki Hill, 26, 28:19.8, Mikaila Woods, 27, 28:30.4, Ana Jimenez, 40, 38:00.3, Valerie Haynes, 41, 38:09.1.

Boys 5K: D’Anthony Collins, 3, 19:39.6, Kory Brocious, 20, 22:23.8, Jacob Griffin, 23, 23:42.3, Chris Hendrick, 24, 23:48.7, Micah Jones, 27, 24:07.1, Ethan Stewart, 29, 25:02.7, Devin Gray, 34, 26:57.1.

Carroll County

Middle School

Mixed 3K run: Taylor Hill, 19:15.5